Assessment, training & vetting

Initial assessment interview

The aims of the initial assessment are:

  • Establish the level of understanding of the scheme by the organisation
  • Determining suitability of the organisation for the inclusion in the scheme
  • Ensure that they are involved in community safety
  • Ensure that the organisation aims, where possible, are aligned to the scheme
  • Assess whether the organisation is suitable to progress with an application

Accreditation of the organisation

The next stage is the approval of the organisation. For the employer to obtain accreditation they have to be able to demonstrate that they can appropriately supervise employees in carrying out the functions for which the accreditation is to be granted.

Accreditation of individuals

In order for individual employees to be accredited with the powers, they must meet the below requirements.

Training, Vetting and ID requirements

Training requirements

All new staff requesting accreditation must complete an approved CSAS training course run by an external training provider and covering the powers they are requesting.

The extent of the training required will vary depending on the role being carried out by the accredited person and the powers that will be designated to them.  

It is the responsibility of the approved employer to ensure its employees receive adequate training to satisfy the force and that this is regularly reviewed and updated.

Refresher Training

To ensure accredited persons (APs) are kept up to date in their knowledge of the accredited powers, all accredited persons must complete a CSAS refresher training course in the use of their powers.  This refresher training must be completed every three years and must be provided by an approved training provider.

Vetting requirements

Individuals employed by an approved organisation need to seek accreditation. This is to ensure that they are suitable people to exercise the powers that are to be conferred upon them.  

Thames Valley Police will complete a vetting check for each individual seeking accreditation. Please see Vetting Requirements (opens new window) for more information.


All accredited persons are required to wear a CSAS badge on their uniform, provided by the Home Office.  Thames Valley Police will also issue them with a CSAS Identification and powers card which details the powers an individual is trained and authorised to use. A person commits an offence if they fail to comply with any authorised request from an accredited person or fails to provide their name and address when required.

The identifiable clothing worn by accredited persons must be distinct from that worn by police officers or police community support officers and their uniform will need to be approved by the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police.

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