Crime mapping

To help you to understand the crime mapping in the below link, please visit the webpage of your local Neighbourhood Policing team and read the latest neighbourhood update.

The neighbourhood updates will provide details of what police are doing to drive down crime in your neighbourhood. The updates will help to put your local crime information into context.

For Thames Valley crime levels and statistics, view the national CrimeMapper website (opens new window).

This website provides you with information on crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood. It also enables you to access and compare the latest information on a range of crime types with other neighbourhoods.

The crime statistics show only those crimes that have been reported to Thames Valley Police.

The figures are not audited by the Home Office but are subject to supervision by the Force Crime Registrar. The number of recorded crimes may change over time due to requirements under Home Office Counting Rules to make sure that each crime is recorded accurately.

Crimes that take place at railway stations or on railway property are recorded by British Transport Police, not by Thames Valley Police, and are not included in these figures.

Reported incidents of anti-social behaviour only counts those incidents reported to the police. Incidents reported to other authorities are not included.

Please note that while every effort is made to record the details of crime and its location as accurately as possible, there are occasions when victims are unable to provide the actual location of a crime. In these instances, the site will not be able to display all of the crime reported to the police.

Thames Valley Police accepts no responsibility for any use made of this site or the data that it displays, outside the intended use stated above.

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