Collaborative arrangements with Hampshire Constabulary

The need for collaboration across the police service is being driven by the need to realise operational efficiency, resilience and cost effectiveness.

Thames Valley Police is committed to exploring innovative ways of improving the service we provide and know that collaboration across the police service is a way in which the sharing of services will provide not only value-for-money but also a better, more resilient service to the public.

We are currently actively participating in a Bi-lateral Collaboration Programme with Hampshire Constabulary (opens new window). We are committed to working together to provide an efficient and effective police service to our respective communities. There are three main business areas that are the focus of this collaboration:

Thames Valley Police has a strong track record in collaboration. Work has previously taken place regionally between Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Thames Valley Police. In April 2010, regional Witness Protection, Covert and Technical Support units were implemented. Also in September 2010, the South East Serious and Organised Crime Directorate was established comprising the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART), the Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU) and the Serious Crime Investigation Team (SCIT).

Other successful collaborative work includes the Chiltern Transport Consortium and the Chiltern Air Support Consortium, as well as the development of the South East Counter Terrorism Unit.

The key objectives of creating joint units are to:

  • Reduce the cost of delivering the service to both forces while minimising the impact on the levels of service delivered.
  • To identify and assess the benefits, risks and impact on services of a range of options to deliver significant savings and improvements within three years.
  • To focus on opportunities to do business in different ways, eliminating identifiable waste in the process, rather than creating a climate of across-the-board cost-cutting.
  • To involve affected managers and staff in contributing to the analysis and assessments made due to their recognised expertise in these functions.