Duty batons

Duty batons come in many sizes and weights.

Each police force will select what they believe is suitable for their employees. Thames Valley Police has selected the Monadnock Autolock baton. This baton is 22 inches in length when extended and weighs 22 ounces. When collapsed it is ten inches in length.

Officers will be trained and, if successful, equipped with a Monadnock Autolock baton. This will be their principal duty baton. The Chief Constable may authorise the issue and use of an alternative duty baton which is appropriate to role and circumstances. Officers must carry the baton in a holder.

Officers successfully completing the relevant training will also be authorised to carry and use any TVP authorised straight baton. Officers will annually take part in further baton training to remain licensed to carry and use this piece of equipment.

The use of a baton must be proportionate and lawful. Any application of a baton technique will be classed as a use of force and as such documentation will be filled in to justify its use.

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