Asset Management

Thames Valley Police remains committed to protecting the front line, planning for future growth and collaborating with partners to co-locate services where practical.

The Force is faced with a budget reduction of £44.6m over the next three years in addition to the £58.9m already delivered since 2011/12. We remain focussed on reducing non-staff costs, such as the estate, as much as we can.

Thames Valley population is forecast to increase by 208,000 to 2026 with 176,000 planned new dwellings, of which 130,000 are still being delivered.

Some councils, particularly in Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes, are now moving onto their ‘next phase’ of new growth which could be significant.

We have 154 sites totalling 140,000sqm, and 73 houses, costing £21m a year. Estate costs have been high and need to reduce, but retaining an appropriate local coverage remains important.

There has been a programme of review and rationalisation since 2010, and in particular since 2012 with over 50 properties identified in our current disposal programme. Additional properties will be identified for disposal.

The aim is to have a leaner, fit-for-purpose, lower cost and lower carbon footprint estate with greater emphasis on agile working. The current Asset Management Plan covers the period 2014 to 2019.

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