Policies and procedures

All Thames Valley Police policies and procedures in this section have been through a rigorous auditing and consultation process.

This is to make sure that they comply both with the law in general and with specific legislation about data protection, freedom of information, diversity, health and safety and human rights.

What are ‘policies and procedures’?

  • Policies are general statements or understandings that guide managers in decision-making.
  • Policies make sure that decisions fall within certain boundaries and lead to a consistent and fair approach.
  • Some policies have detailed procedures set out within them, usually as an appendix to the main document.
  • Procedures detail how an activity must be done, by setting out an ordered sequence of required actions.

Freedom of information

  • Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (opens new window), some Thames Valley Police policies may be classed as exempt because of the nature of the information that they contain.
  • If a policy is exempt, only a brief introduction setting out the reason for having the policy will be published.

Contact the Policy Unit.

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