Productivity plan

The Home Office Efficiency and Productivity Strategy for the Police Service 2008-2011 set out targets and a framework for efficiency and productivity improvements.

The Police Service nationally was required to deliver significant efficiency and productivity improvements throughout the 2008-2011 period. Thames Valley Police identified the following team who will oversee Productivity Options in the Force which consists of six different strands of work:

  • Reducing bureaucracy within the Force.
  • Zero Based Budget (ZBB) Reviews of discrete functions or areas of Force business.
  • A Scrutiny Panel to examine in detail specific corporate issues and budget management.
  • Savings that might be achieved through collaboration with other police forces.
  • Strategic Resourcing training for managers and supervisors down to Sergeant and equivalent level.
  • Workforce modernisation opportunities.

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Value for Money Statement

The White Paper ‘Protecting the Public: Supporting the Police to Succeed’ (December 2009) put in place the requirement for the Police Authority to publish a Value for Money (VfM) statement by 30 June to set out plans to make additional savings over the next three years (see the link below).

The VfM statement highlights the savings made so far and the benefits realised as part of the Productivity Plan. The statement is structured around the five main themes of the new Productivity Strategy (which supersedes the Productivity Plan and will cover the period April 2011 to March 2014) and in response to the deteriorating funding position; we have devised programmes of work to improve Value for Money and to ensure our processes are as efficient and effective as possible. The intention is that these work strands will provide cashable efficiency savings to address the funding shortfalls we face. Those five key strands are:

  • Local Policing Model.
  • Streamlined Processes.
  • Collaboration.
  • Value for Money Panel.
  • ZBB Approach.

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