Who can I contact to get help?

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, there is help and support available to you. Domestic abuse is a crime. You do not have to put up with it.

Contact Thames Valley Police

  • If domestic abuse is in progress, if you feel threatened, if you are in immediate danger, or it’s an emergency, call 999.
  • It is an emergency when: a crime is being committed, there is a risk of injury, or a risk of serious damage to property.
  • In a non-emergency, call 101, the Thames Valley Police 24-hour non-emergency number. Ask for your local Domestic Abuse Unit.

All domestic abuse incidents are graded by Thames Valley Police as 'urgent' as a minimum. This means that police will respond to your call within at least one hour, unless circumstances require a more immediate response.

More contacts that can help you

There are national and local domestic abuse helplines that you can call for practical help and support.

Please remember

We know that many victims feel uneasy about reporting domestic abuse. Please don't. Don't suffer in silence - we can help you and we will appreciate your courage if you take the brave step to report domestic abuse.

It is emotionally damaging for children to live in a home where there is domestic abuse.

People experiencing domestic abuse often worry what will happen to their children if they tell someone that they are experiencing domestic abuse. You will be supported to make sure that your children are protected from the effects.