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    Recruitment Video Transcript

    Wife: Tim, the car’s gone. We need to phone the Police.

    Police Enquiry Centre Officer: Police emergency.

    Wife: Hi, I think my car’s been stolen. It’s a red VW Polo GTI.

    Control Room Operator: Golf Hotel 112, can you attend a suspected car theft. Vehicle was taken from Buckingham Rd in High Wycombe. Observation message to follow.

    Special Constable: We’re on our way.

    Special Constable: Thanks very much Mrs Dean, scenes of crime officers will be round first thing in the morning.

    Control Room Operator: Zero XJ, observations are required for a stolen vehicle, a red VW Polo GTI.

    Police Community Support Officer: Alpha Alpha Yankee, we’ll keep our eyes open.

    Crime Scene Investigator: We’ve got some prints from the letterbox and some fibres caught on this bush. We’ll get them to the lab.

    Traffic Officer: Tango Mike 77, can we have a vehicle check please on a red VW Polo GTI.

    Control Room Operator: Your vehicle is shown as stolen last night in High Wycombe. What’s your location, over?

    Traffic Officer: We’re now behind the vehicle on the A4010 heading towards Aylesbury. Vehicle is failing to stop. Travelling at speed. Request air support.

    Police Air Support Unit Officer: X-ray Alpha 97 we’re now airborne and en route to Aylesbury. ETA four minutes.

    Police Traffic Officer: Tango Mike 77, vehicle has rolled, I repeat vehicle has rolled. Can we have an ambulance en route? The suspect has left the vehicle and is running down the bank at the side of the road. Pursuing on foot.

    Police Dog Handler: Get on your front.

    Police Officer: Right you’re under arrest for the theft of a motor vehicle. You do not have to say anything. Anything you do say may be given as evidence.

    This video has been edited for creative reasons. The full police caution statement is:

    "You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

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