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Social media has opened up many new channels which Thames Valley Police can use to increase direct communication with the public. We’ve long since recognised the opportunities and benefits associated with utilising social media to engage, interact and educate the public on Thames Valley Police topics. So, what are you waiting for: follow/like/subscribe today!


Join Thames Valley Police on Facebook (opens new window). Unfortunately, we cannot answer every question about incidents that may be happening across the Thames Valley region (but we do try to answer as many as we can). Please be assured that, if there is anything we need your assistance with or that we need to tell you about, it will be posted on Facebook.

Sharing information on Facebook can often be an integral part of informing the public about ongoing investigations and we are always overwhelmed by the response we receive from our Facebook community.

Facebook is not monitored 24/7 and cannot be used to report crimes. For more information on how to report a crime, please visit our Report a Crime or Emergency section.


For the latest news and information from Thames Valley Police Press Bureau, please follow us on Twitter (opens new window). Accounts are not monitored 24/7 and cannot be used to report crimes. For more information on how to report a crime, please visit our Report a Crime or Emergency section.

We’ve given Twitter access to over 200 officers so you can now engage with your local bobby. For more information, visit our Local Twitter Accounts page.


For video updates about ongoing campaigns, recruitment and incidents, please subscribe to our YouTube channel (opens new window).

Thames Valley Alert

With over 82,000 subscribers and over 900 locally targeted messages sent every month, Thames Valley Alert is quickly becoming a valuable information source to Thames Valley residents. Are you signed up yet?

Thames Valley Police is committed to involving the community in policing. We believe that by improving the flow of information between the community and the police, we can all make a greater impact on the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.

As a member of the public, you are invited to sign up to Thames Valley Alert and become a registered recipient of police related information such as crime alerts or witness appeals local to your area by email, text or telephone - it’s up to you!

Once registered, you will not only benefit from two-way messaging, but will also learn about local crime, help identify suspected or wanted criminals or learn about community groups, events or meetings in your area.
To receive crime alerts and witness appeals local to you by email, voice or text, simply register via Thames Valley Alert (opens new window).

Twitter Alerts

Thames Valley Police has joined other emergency services with access to send Twitter Alerts (opens new window), a new social media tool which is used in times of crisis by the emergency services.

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