Counter Terrorism

Counter terrorism

Counter terrorism is not usually associated with rural communities, but certain chemicals like fertilisers, diesel, herbicides and pesticides, which are stored in large quantities on farms, can be misused to devastating effect.

Suspicious activity

  • All communities should remain vigilant and report suspicious behaviour to the police.
  • Ask communities to report individuals asking specific questions about, or taking pictures of, a facility or a farm’s processes.
  • Ask communities to report any attempts to purchase fertilisers, diesel, herbicides or pesticides by those not authorised or suspicious individuals.

Safe storage of fertiliser

To secure fertiliser, there are many simple measures which if taken may prevent a theft - for more information please visit the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website (opens new window). This website will provide the latest approved advice and gives further advice regarding various target hardening measures and is supported by DEFRA, HSE, AIC and the English and Welsh Farmers' Unions.

Summary fertiliser storage advice (a copy of this is available to download from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website (opens new window)):

  • Do not store fertiliser where there is public access.
  • Do not leave fertiliser in the field overnight.
  • Do not store fertiliser near to or visible from the public highway.
  • Do not sell fertiliser unless the purchaser is known to you as a legitimate farmer and is aware of the need to follow to follow the guidance as listed in the fertiliser.
  • Record fertiliser deliveries and usage.
  • Wherever possible, and with regard to HSE (opens new window), store fertiliser inside a locked building or compound.
  • When fertiliser is stored outside, check it has not been tampered with.
  • Carry out regular stock checks.
  • Report any losses immediately to the police.
  • Record manufacturer code and the number of the detonation resistance test certificate.