Equipment security

Keys and locks

  • Leave vehicles out of sight when not in use.
  • Vehicles and plant equipment should be locked when left outside and the keys kept in your possession or in a locked key safe.
  • Consider the use of hitch locks, wheel clamps or ground anchors. You may require a combination of the above to meet insurance requirements.

Security Marking

All property, including vehicles and tools, should be uniquely marked, photographed and details such as serial, chassis and model numbers recorded.

The purpose of marking property is:

  • To reduce the payoff to the thief – traceable property may be more difficult to sell on.
  • To increase the likelihood of identifying property as stolen – thereby assisting prosecution.
  • To increase the likelihood of re-uniting property with the owner.

There are a number of methods for marking property effectively.

  • Covertly – for example through use of Forensic DNA marker as liquid, gel or grease; UV pen; tracking or tagging technology; micro-marking.
  • Overtly – by engraving/chemical etching; labels; postcoding or use of barcodes.

Construction Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR) Scheme security marking

Tracker and data tagging

  • Consider fitting a tracking device or a data tagging chip.
  • Your insurance company can provide advice on suitable products.

For further advice and information visit the Construction Equipment Security and Registration (CESAR) Scheme (opens new window) website.

For further information please read Tractor and Agricultural Vehicle Theft and Security information (PDF 3.45 Mb - opens new window).