Metal Theft

What do thieves target?

In recent years, metal thefts in the Thames Valley have included:

Legal disposal of scrap metal

  • Dispose of scrap metal regularly. Thieves will use the excuses of ‘can I take your scrap away mate?’ to have a good look around and assess the vulnerabilities of your site.
  • Use a legitimate waste carrier to remove scrap from your site. Legal waste carriers are registered and licensed by the Environment Agency. To search for legitimate waste carriers in your area go to approved company or individuals (opens new window).
  • Use a legitimate scrap dealer. Ask your council for information on approved sites.

Protecting your property

  • Report incidents of suspicious activity to the police and if possible record vehicle details and descriptions of the people involved.
  • Store ladders out of sight and in a secure place.
  • Cut back tall trees and vegetation which could provide a screen.
  • Encourage your employees to keep an eye on the building.
  • Consider installing security lighting.
  • Use security and forensic marking to mark metal goods.
  • Consider using a CCTV system. Ask your insurance company for details.


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