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Thames Valley Police is working to raise awareness about online crime and encourage people and businesses to take steps to protect themselves from becoming victims.

Anyone can become a target for cyber-dependant and cyber-enabled crime. National statistics suggest that fraud is now the most common type of crime and around 70% of fraud is either cyber-dependant or cyber-enabled.

During September 2016, events are taking place across the Thames Valley to spread the Force’s #ProtectYourWorld message about the importance of staying safe online.

Online crime is varied and can cover many different forms of crime, from bank fraud and email scams through to harassment and online bullying. While any of us could become a victim of online crime, during our campaign month we are focussing on three ‘weeks of action’ to reach out to some of those members of our community who may be more vulnerable:

By taking simple steps, you can be effective in protecting your online world:

  • Use a strong password to keep your details safe. This should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols;
  • Never give your personal details out online. Banks and companies will never ask for sensitive information via email or phone;
  • Make sure you are using up-to-date internet security, including on your mobile phone;
  • Ensure you have installed the latest operating system;
  • Edit your privacy settings on social media and make sure only your friends can see your updates and information;
  • If you’re using public WiFi, never use sites that are not secure or require personal information.

Thames Valley Police works in partnership with national agencies to investigate and prevent online crime.

If you become a victim of online crime, please ensure you report it. Never be embarrassed to report a scam or online crime – we need this information.