Using your mobile phone safely

Please consider the following crime prevention advice to make sure that you're using your mobile phone safely:

  • Keep your phone out of sight when in public places.
  • Use any security features that are built in to the phone, such as additional security codes.
  • Only give your number to family, and to friends that you trust.
  • If your plans change, send a new text to keep people updated on where you are.
  • If alone, set your phone to vibrate so that it doesn’t attract attention.
  • If you take a lift or taxi, text the registration number to someone that you trust.
  • Most phones allow 999 calls even if you have no credit left or have the keypad locked.
  • Dial *#06# for your phone’s IMEI number and keep this in a safe place.
  • Consider putting a GPS tracker app on your phone.

Advice for parents/guardians

Spend time with your children learning the basics of how to text - how to send and receive texts, switch on reports, use punctuation and symbols, use predictive text, and hold down keys for numbers. This will give you a chance to talk about personal safety.

Put contact numbers of your children’s friends in your phonebook. This is another way in which you can contact your children.

Protecting your phone

More tips

  • If your phone is lost or stolen, report it as soon as possible to Immobilise on 08701 123 123. You will hear a recorded message which lets you know which number you need to phone to ask your phone network to block your phone.
  • This can be done even if you don’t know the phone’s IMEI number. Your phone will be blocked immediately on your operator’s network, and within 24 hours on all other networks.
  • Make sure that your personal items are insured.
  • Keep a record of the make, model and serial numbers of your personal items. This helps police to recover them if they are stolen.