Car key burglaries

 Help reduce car key crime

Video transcript

  • Help reduce car key crime video transcript

    A burglar peers through letterbox. He sees car keys on a table.

    Using computer-generated imagery, the video depicts the burglar pulling the keys through the letterbox, which materialise as a car on the drive. He gets in the car.

    Text on screen:

    Help reduce car key crime. Don't leave keys on display.

    Thames Valley Police website.

Car key burglaries

A car key burglary is a crime where offenders gain entry to a home to steal a vehicle.

In some cases, offenders use devices to 'fish' keys that have been left close to a front door through letterboxes and make off with the vehicle. These crimes can be prevented by taking simple security measures.

At home

  • Residents should make sure that vehicles are properly deadlocked before they walk away.
  • Ensure your alarm is fully activated before you walk away.
  • Consider keeping car keys away from any windows and doors to prevent them from being 'fished' through letterboxes, or seen from outside (but make sure you know where they are in case of fire).
  • For more information on securing your home, please visit our Home and Garden Security webpages.