Pubwatch is a partnership initiative between Thames Valley Police and pub landlords across areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

The initiative is supported by National Pubwatch, a voluntary organisation. It aims to:

  • Reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder in pubs by improving communication between licensed premises, pubs and the police.
  • Achieve a safe, secure and responsible social drinking environment in all licensed premises.

How does it work?

  • Pubwatch members are linked to each other and the police by a pager system. This pager sends information on incidents and potential troublemakers to everyone involved in the local Pubwatch initiative.
  • Crime prevention and reduction advisers give crime prevention and reduction advice to pub landlords and staff as part of Pubwatch.

How do I join?

Are you a landlord of a pub operating under a premises licence? Please contact your local National Pubwatch representative (opens new window) who can put you in contact with your local Pubwatch scheme.

If National Pubwatch are unable to identify a Pubwatch scheme local to you, please call 101, the 24-hour Thames Valley Police non-emergency number to double-check. You could also call your local authority licensing officer.

To start a Pubwatch scheme in your local area, please contact your local National Pubwatch representative (opens new window).

For more information, visit the National Pubwatch website (opens new window).