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 PCSO of the Year 2016

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  • PCSO of the Year 2016 video transcript

    [Carl] Wherever I go, the first name that comes to everybody is 'do you know Chris Jones?' It's not anybody else, it's always his name that comes up first, so that's great it's a great testament to the amount of work that he puts in.

    [Chris] For the last nine and a half years, I've never had a Monday morning feeling, I can put my hand on my heart and say I've never, ever, had a Monday morning feeling. So it's really important to get to know all corners of my community, and that means getting used to all the game-keepers, the landowners, the small schools, all the small businesses and getting my name out there so I'm a point of contact, and also regularly visit them. I've got to know all the children, I go into every one of these homes every month to deliver workshops. It's incredibly important for the children to know me, and for me to know them and their background and all their details.

    [Carl] Quite often they're young children that have been re-homed to Oxfordshire from major cities and towns around the UK, so they're quite isolated and feel lonely, and so to have that interaction with Chris is excellent because when they go missing as they sometimes do, they run off, Chris has got to know them and he's built up a great rapport with them.

    [Alex] The kids we look after, the boys actually do kind of jump and offer him a cup of tea, and make him a cup of tea which is kind of, kind of quite nice, we do try and have quite a sort of homely atmosphere here, and I think the fact that he can kind of come in, in quite an informal way, kind of adds to that and buys into our ethos as well so, yeh he's good at that.

    [Chris] I've been creating videos for CSE [Child Sexual Exploitation] and internet safety now for quite a few years in the job, but the problem was we just weren't getting the turn-out for the adults, so the parents evenings the adults and professionals they weren't turning up to our sessions so we'd run sessions after school and we'd get one or two adults there, so i decided to put a forty minute video together, approached Cineworld and Chipping Norton Theatre, and did a big viewing, and advertised it wide so we could get members of the public there.

    [Carl] He put a lot of this work together in his own time, he puts the awareness videos together and he then sorted out getting the venues to be able to promote these videos, and then sent around the invitations to get the people involved, and I think the most notable one was at Chipping Norton Theatre, where we had the Sixth Form from Chipping Norton School and they just listened intently throughout, and they all said what an amazing, impactive video that Chris had put together, and it helps them all be aware of it, and they've realised it can happen anywhere, and to anyone.

    [Chris] I think my favourite part of my job is actually my colleagues, I've been really lucky in having superb line managers, great sergeants, and inspectors, and they have trust in me to push new initiatives forward and they've always supported it. [Matt] Determination and his character, he's actually, and the fact that he's not gone out to get the award, he's got this award as a result of what he's done, not as a result of going out to, 'that's my aim this year', his aim this year was literally to help people, and to the best of his ability, and he's gone above and beyond what was expected.

    [Chris] I wanted to be that person walking around knowing my community, getting to know my community, and dealing with my community.

You can’t arrest anyone. You’ve got no handcuffs. Your communication and problem solving skills are your most powerful assets. It’s down to your ability to work with some of the most challenging people in some of the most difficult situations.

You do not jump to conclusions about what you see and hear – you target crime hotspots, analysing situations and gathering evidence.

Your very presence on the streets inspires confidence.

As a PCSO, you are performing one of the most demanding roles in policing. It is an essential role, the face of the police within local communities. You won’t only make a difference, you will be the difference, preventing trouble and making your community safer and stronger.

You are confident, resilient and comfortable dealing with all sections of the community. You express yourself calmly and clearly, make decisions, solve problems and work with a wide range of colleagues. A positive character with a professional approach, you act with integrity and treat individuals with respect.

There is no typical day as a PCSO – you could be holding a meeting with concerned local residents, dealing with anti-social behavior or be first on scene at a road traffic collision. Ultimately, you will be part of a team who are committed to working together to ensure the Force delivers on its promises of making communities safer and of driving down crime. We believe it’s one of the most rewarding jobs, but don’t just take our word for it, apply today and experience it.