Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP)

What is a CKP?

The CKP is a level 3 qualification which in academic terms places it between GCSE and the start of a degree. It consists of up to 100 hours contact time and a further 200 hours of self-study normally delivered over about ten weeks.  There are also distance learning options available.

For more information, visit the College of Policing website. (opens new window)

Where can I study for a CKP?

There are a number of different providers around the country in both the private and public sector. Most providers are seeking Approved Provider Status from the College of Policing which ensures that the necessary quality standards for delivery and assessment are in place.

A list of approved providers is available on the College of Policing website (opens new window)

Flexibility in delivery includes opportunities to undertake the course via distance learning as well as traditional classroom attendance.

Thames Valley Police does not endorse any particular provider but intends to only accept applicants who hold a CKP from an approved provider. There are some providers based in Thames Valley or close to its borders and others who have a national footprint but will be delivering at locations within the Thames Valley.

How much will training for the CKP qualification cost?

The cost will vary depending on the way you want to achieve the qualification and between providers. It currently costs between £750 and £1,000 per person.

The cost of applying to do the CKP includes a fee which will give the student three years access to the National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies, Managed Learning Environment (NCALT MLE). The NCALT MLE is accessible to all UK police forces and the wider policing community via the internet. As well as being an element within the course, this is intended to enable students to maintain and develop their knowledge and understanding after they have completed the qualification and until such time as they can join a police force. Serving SCs and members of police staff who already have an MLE account will pay a reduced fee.

Study Sponsorship is available via the Support for Study Policy, for a limited period, to TVP Police Staff and Special Constables studying to gain the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing as part of their declared intention to join TVP as a Student Officer.

Do providers offer any discounts?

Some do. You may wish to make enquiries with course providers to ascertain if they have any processes to help you e.g. payment by instalments, bursaries etc. You will need to contact individual providers for details.

What will I learn on the CKP course?

The CKP gives you an understanding of policing and police law, and to demonstrate some of the critical decision-making skills that are required for the job. It covers a wide range of subjects, which include:

  • Using police powers in a fair and just way
  • Social and community issues and neighbourhood policing
  • Responding to incidents and providing initial support to victims and witnesses
  • Searching premises and searching individuals within a policing context
  • Participating in planned policing operations
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • Victim support
  • The criminal justice system
  • Legislation, policy and guidelines

More information about the CKP can be found by visiting the College of Policing's website (opens new window)

Last edited: 15 February 2016