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    People Services Apprentice – Beth

    My favorite thing about being an apprentice within Thames Valley Police is the trust that we have with our colleagues, I think that we all have a really good working relationship and that level of trust is already there as soon as I started I found and I find that it's really easy to kind of kind of converse between your colleagues because again that relationship is built on trust and we all work really well and really hard together as a team.

    I think being an apprentice within Thames Valley Police has really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available with regards to different roles, also what kind of staff do, police staff do, as well as what goes on in the public eye.

    I suppose working within the Force as an apprentice there are so many connections that are built between each different area of work and I've really liked to see that and I always whenever I meet someone from a different department. For my apprenticeship I have learnt so many different things, from people I think more people skills I think I had quite a good people skills in general but I think that you have to build a rapport with someone straight away almost in some of the things that we do as, as a recruitment team.

    I would definitely recommend anyone who was thinking about doing an apprenticeship as a career path especially within the Force, I think it's a different group and that potentially maybe I even wouldn't have considered when I first started looking into going into the Police Force I think that it's opened up so many different areas and so many different kind of walls have been pushed down because you see so many different things going on and what, what we all do to then put into the Force as a whole.

From entry level positions to senior management, from coordinating emergency calls to recruiting the ideal officer, there are an incredible range of staff roles that provide the backbone for Police Officer duties. You will play a vital role in supporting the work of the organisation, enabling Police Officers, Special Constables and PCSOs to spend as much time as possible in our community fighting crime and helping members of the public. There are a variety of police staff roles within our support functions, such as IT, Property Services, Forensics, Finance, People Services, Control Room, Corporate Communications and many others.

As a member of police staff, you will be entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme and receive at least 23 days annual leave. We also consider requests for people to work part-time or to job share.


We offer a wide variety of training which is tailored to the requirements of your role. Some training is provided by our Leadership and Professional Development Team and there are opportunities for staff to apply for supported study.

In order to ensure staff are skilled and trained to support frontline policing, we are committed to investing in the personal and professional development of all police staff. Our aim is to develop their skills in order to build a professional workforce who is committed to serving the public.

During your career, there could be opportunities to achieve National Vocational Qualifications, currently offered in Customer Service, Business and Administration, Contact Centre and Management. You will receive on the job training and coaching and will be assessed against national standards, receiving a certificate once completed.

For those who are ambitious for career progression or lateral development, we have a team of mentors who you can be allocated to in line with your personal aspirations. You may be offered leadership development courses to enhance your supervisory skills and realise your leadership potential.


If you are leaving school or looking to start a new career, an apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to earn a salary while gaining job-specific skills. Apprentices receive on-the-job training and achieve nationally recognised qualifications which will add value to your CV from a reputable employer. Thames Valley Police is committed to providing apprenticeship opportunities and we currently have apprentices employed in a range of Police Staff roles. Future vacancies will be advertised on the Thames Valley Police website and the National Apprenticeship Vacancies website.