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  • Cadets video transcript

    Cadet 1

    I think that being a cadet has made a big difference in my life, before I didn’t really do anything at home, I’d just stay there and go to school the next day.  Now that cadets is on a Thursday I get more excited for it and I’ve actually got something to do.

    Cadet 2

    Yeah like I said it’s made me more confident and I’m able to go out and be independent whilst doing things for myself.

    Cadet 3

    It has made me a lot more open with people,  I was quite quiet when I was younger but joining cadets helps to build your confidence up in working with people.

    Cadet 4

    I’ve always considered a career within the police and this was a good way of getting a feeling of what it would be like.

    Cadet 5

    For me it was  socialising with others from different cultures and backgrounds, building up my confidence, gaining more leadership skills and by coming cadet events you get to help the community more.

    Cadet 6

    What I most enjoy about being a cadet is you get to help the community out and socialise with friends whilst also engaging with new cadets that join.

    Group of cadets

    What do you most enjoy about being a cadet?

    Working as a team, sports and fitness, learning new people skills and meeting new cadets.

    Cadet 7

    When I finish the cadets, I would like to be a policeman full time, I’d like to help the people who are less fortunate than myself.

Thames Valley Police currently has police cadet units in:

  • Aylesbury (based in Aylesbury)
  • Bracknell and Wokingham (based in Bracknell)
  • Cherwell and West Oxon (based in Banbury, Bicester and Witney)
  • Chiltern and South Bucks (based in Beaconsfield)
  • Milton Keynes (based in Milton Keynes Central)
  • Oxford (based in Oxford City Centre)
  • Reading (based in Reading)
  • Slough (based in Slough)
  • Windsor and Maidenhead (based in Windsor)
  • Wycombe (based in High Wycombe)

The scheme aims to provide young people between the ages of 13 and 18, from all parts of society, an opportunity to develop their qualities and skills through a structured programme, and to enhance the relationship between the public and police. It is about including teenagers irrespective of their background, financial circumstances or vulnerability to crime or social exclusion. By joining the scheme, young people will also have the opportunity to express their views on policing and will act as conduits for passing on policing messages to the wider community.

As dedicated volunteers wanting to make a difference in their local community, the cadets in each of the Local Police Area (LPAs) will take part in neighbourhood policing initiatives and community activities/ events alongside police officers and staff, other volunteers, and partner agencies. The cadets will be directly supervised by cadet leaders who are made up of officers, staff, police support volunteers, PCSOs and members of the Special Constabulary.

While cadets are not eligible for independent patrols and do not have any legal powers, they are able to support tasks such as crime prevention initiatives, message/leaflet delivery, test purchase operations, partnership public safety campaigns, and involvement in non-confrontational local events under supervision. They can also be involved in events locally such as Remembrance Day parades.

All cadet activities are risk assessed to comply with health and safety and child protection policies and procedures. The cadets and their leaders will meet once a week during a chosen evening in their respective LPAs. The meetings will include guest speakers or input on police related topics as part of an on-going training programme. As well as these weekly meetings, the cadet units will involve themselves in other activities at weekends and in school holidays, including activity breaks and national competitions.

All Thames Valley Police cadets will be educated and trained in various skills to improve their confidence in dealing with people from all walks of life and general aspects of life. A standard uniform will be issued to the cadets and this will be worn at all meetings and suitable events.

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