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 Out on shift with PC Taz

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  • Out on shift with PC Taz video transcript

    [PC Taz] So, today we working a seven until three o’clock. So, essentially, we have been off for the last four days and we are on now, seven-three today then we do a seven-four tomorrow, a seven-six on Thursday and we have a training day on Friday and we’re off for the weekend. Then we are back on for seven days.

    [PC Taz] Yeah, I was sales and marketing before I did this and I did a little while to gain some experience for the police I worked for Reliance in custody, so I was a jailer in custody, basically booking in prisoners and dealing with them.

    [PC Taz] Essentially it is, you either have the ability where you want to go and help people or you don’t and I enjoy it; like I said, I enjoy the responsibility, I enjoy the importance of the role.

    [PC Taz] It’s brilliant, it’s the best part of it. I worked in High Wycombe, the team I had, I’m still friends with six or seven of those guys now, you know, that you essentially you bond with; they’re like your family, you spend more time with your crew-mates at work than you probably do with your family sometimes.

    [PC Taz] You know, like I said, we have got a nice mix of cultures, nice mix of ages, nice mix of gender, we’ve got males, females, we’ve got old and young, we’ve got Asians – we’ve got, a right old mix of multi-cultural team as well. And you don’t get that, I don’t think you, you don’t get the comradery that you can get, maybe in the Army is the other one? But I think in the police, it’s probably unique in terms of how you are with everyone, it’s very much a family sort of thing that you end up having.

    [PC Taz] But no, absolutely, it does help being Asian, because a lot of the time we can help with the languages, you know, here. You can help with the language, a lot of the time you understand their culture, so when people are telling things to your colleagues, that might seem absolutely alien to your colleagues, you can understand it because you are from that culture or you have got knowledge of that culture.

    [PC Taz] It’s the most unique and spontaneous job you can get. You never, ever have one, you’ll never have two days where you come in and they are completely the same. They will always be different, always be different.

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