Horse riding

Drivers and horse riders both have a right to use the road and share a responsibility to consider each other’s safety.

Please take note of the tips below and read the advice given in the ‘Horse sense’ guide, produced by THINK! and the British Horse Society.

View the Horse sense guide (opens new window).

Advice for motorists

  • You don’t know what could be around the next corner.
  • Horses are powerful animals and are easily scared. They can panic around fast-moving cars.
  • Please slow down, give them plenty of room and be patient.

Advice for horse riders

  • Make sure that you are well visible by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing.
  • Give a motorist an extra three seconds to see you.
  • Remember: Be seen - be safe.

The British Horse Society’s guide, ‘Road sense for riders’, contains useful information for riders on how to stay safe on the roads.

View the Road sense for riders guide (opens new window).

Advice for landowners

  • Loose horses can cause major accidents.
  • Keep your fields and fences properly maintained.
  • Keep your gates locked.