Mini motos

If you ride a mini motorcycle (mini moto), please make sure you ride it legally and safely.

Mini motos include motorised scooters, go-peds, and scrambler bikes. They are miniature, petrol-driven motorcycles and scooters which can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

When they are used wrongly, mini motos can disturb a community, damage the environment and put people’s safety at risk.

What the law says

It is against the law to use a mini moto in public parks, open spaces, or on footpaths, pavements, cycle routes and bridleways. It is an offence to use a mini moto on a footpath to pass from one piece of private land to another.

If you are under 16

The only place that you can ride a mini moto is on private land but you must have the permission of the land owner.

If you are over 16

You can use a mini moto on private land but you must have the land owner’s permission. You can also use the mini moto on the roads only if:

  • The mini moto is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) (opens new window), taxed and insured.
  • You have the correct driving licence for the mini moto. If the driving licence is a provisional one, then ‘L’ plates must be displayed both at the front and rear of the bike.
  • You wear an approved protective helmet.
  • The bike has an official number plate, brake lights, an audible warning instrument and indicators. If you use it at night, you must have working lights fitted.
  • The bike’s exhaust is not too loud or altered in any way.

Advice for parents

Before buying a mini moto for you or your child, please think it through and ask:

  • Do you know what the law says about using mini motos?
  • Do you know where you or your child can ride the mini moto?
  • Have you got an appropriate driving licence? Can you afford road tax and insurance for it?

What police can do

If a mini moto is being used against the law, irresponsibly or anti-socially, police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) can:

  • Seize any vehicle which is ridden illegally or which is repeatedly used in a way that could cause alarm, distress or annoyance.
  • Issue a fixed penalty notice, for disorder which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Offenders can be prosecuted and fined. Riders using mini motos illegally on public roads and footpaths can also be prosecuted under road traffic law, fined, and given points on their driving licence.

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