Safe Drive Stay Alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a theatre education project which helps young drivers and passengers to explore the circumstances that can lead to a crash and the consequences that follow.

It aims to reduce the number of casualties among young people by questioning their behaviour and attitude on the roads in an emotive and hard-hitting way.

This innovative road safety campaign is aimed at young people in Thames Valley and Hampshire, aged between 16 and 18, who may be new drivers or about to learn. Young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a crash – often due to driving inexperience and a lack of understanding of the risks.

How does the production work?

The Safe Drive Stay Alive production includes a filmed scenario which shows a group of young people on a night out whose car is involved in a collision. As the on-screen drama unfolds, members of the emergency services that are featured in the film step out onto the stage.

The film is then paused while the emergency service worker talks to the audience about:

  • Their real-life experiences of road collision scenes.
  • What action they would take if the film collision was a real-life experience.
  • The reactions of the driver and passengers.
  • The medical implications.
  • How the trauma of a road collision affects them personally.

The event concludes with moving testimonies from victims of real road traffic accidents.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is run by Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary, the fire and rescue and ambulance service NHS Trust, hospital accident and emergency staff, and local council road safety officers.

For more information, visit the Safe Drive Stay Alive website (opens new window).

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