If you are involved in a collision

What happens when a collision occurs on a road or public place?

To comply with the law, the drivers must stop and the drivers must exchange names, addresses, registration numbers and vehicle owner details. Information about the insurance must also be given if someone has been injured. If details are not exchanged, you must report the collision to police within 24 hours at a police station.

Do police attend every collision?

The police will not routinely go to collisions which do not involve injury. We will only attend non-injury collisions where there is a clear, specified purpose for doing so. If police do not attend, there will be no further details recorded about your incident and no investigation. Please contact your insurers to progress a claim.

The role of the police at a collision

  • Protecting the scene from further collisions.
  • Making sure that the injured are treated promptly.
  • Making sure that traffic is free-flowing.
  • Arranging the recovery of vehicles where appropriate.
  • Investigating the collision to find out what caused it, and whether any offences have been committed.

What happens when police attend a collision?

How much the police get involved depends on the nature and seriousness of the collision. The police may attend to give immediate assistance, to help the free flow of traffic and to coordinate other services such as breakdown assistance.

If police attend the scene, it does not guarantee that a report will be made. Collision reports are made by police when:

  • a driver does not stop, or does not exchange details or
  • if someone is injured in the collision or
  • where criminal proceedings may be taken against one or more of the drivers.

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