Action Fraud

Action Fraud logoFrom 3 December 2012, all fraud will be recorded by Action Fraud and individual police forces will no longer take any fraud reports. They will now be recorded centrally by Action Fraud.

Thames Valley Police will continue to respond to reports of frauds in progress, but any other calls to report a fraud, including financially motivated e-crime, will be referred to Action Fraud. When a person calls to report a fraud, they will be provided with the Action Fraud phone number or website address.

Once Action Fraud has recorded the crime, they will refer all reports to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), owned by the City of London Police, who will record it in the Know Fraud database. Any reports which have actionable lines of enquiry will be passed back to Thames Valley Police to investigate further.

The new process will have a number of benefits for victims of crime including:

  • having a central point of contact to report all fraud
  • an effective and efficient way to bulk report fraud
  • an increased chance of identifying repeat and vulnerable victims.

Action Fraud has produced some short videos about how to avoid becoming a victim of online and phone fraud, which can be viewed at The Devil’s in your details on YouTube: