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Local priorities - 'You said, We did'

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  • You said: Speeding

    You said: vehicles are speeding in Leafield and Minster Lovell.

    We did:
    We did: speed checks in: 1. Lower End, Leafield - 113 vehicles checked with 7 exceeding the spreed limit. 2. Minster Lovell - 162 vehicles checked with 8 exceeding the speed limit. We have also presented Community Speed Watch to Minster Lovell Parish Council. Community Speedwatch is a traffic-monitoring scheme coordinated by the police and the local highway authorities. In most local areas it is managed and run by volunteers in the community. Locations for monitoring speed are selected from sites suggested by the community, based on where there is most local concern about speeding traffic or the impact of speed. The nominated sites are risk assessed by the police for thier suitability before any checks are made. Please contact us if you would like more information about this scheme.

  • You said: Cycling

    You said: people are cycling on the pavement in the town centre.

    We did:
    We did: on 11 May the team spent the day dealing with the persistent issue of cycling on the pavement in the town centre. Three tickets were issued for the offence and this is something we will focus our attention on over the coming months.

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

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Neighbourhood officers

  • Sergeant Kerry O'Leary

    Sergeant Kerry O'Leary

  • PC Chris Cochrane

    PC Chris Cochrane

  • PC Tony Miles

    PC Tony Miles

  • PC Kat Giles

    PC Kat Giles

  • PCSO Natalie  Waller

    PCSO Natalie Waller

  • PCSO Lucy James

    PCSO Lucy James

  • PCSO Emma Haines

    PCSO Emma Haines

  • PCSO Tracy Waller

    PCSO Tracy Waller

  • PCSO Hilary Rabson

    PCSO Hilary Rabson

  • PCSO Mari-Claire Tutty

    PCSO Mari-Claire Tutty

  • PCSO Fiona Holt

    PCSO Fiona Holt

  • PCSO Lizzie Swinney

    PCSO Lizzie Swinney

  • PCSO Sophie Hepden

    PCSO Sophie Hepden