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Local priorities - 'You said, We did'

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  • You said: Begging

    Many of the local residents are concerned with the amount of begging on the town centre streets.

    We did:
    Working alongside our Community Wardens, we have developed an initiative to tackle begging and associated anti-social behaviour in the Town centre. This will include targeted patrols. We are also reviewing current legislation and enforcement options. In addition to this we have been enforcing the areas that are protected by a Public Space Protection Order.

  • You said: Bike Thefts

    Residents have expressed concern over the amount of cycle thefts that occur in the town.

    We did:
    To tackle this issue we have been working with Cycle shops in the area to organise Bike Marking events. This involves your bike details being entered onto a national bike register. This makes it easy to reunite you and your bike should it be stolen. We have also analysed CCTV in the area and carried out operations in the town.

  • You said: Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

    The local community was concerned with the level of ASB in the Town centre at weekends.

    We did:
    The Thames Valley Police Licensing Officer has organised four Drug Dog Operations, five Test Purchasing Operations, five Conditions of Entry Operations, two Child Sexual Exploitation Operations, ten Licensing Inspections and one Security Industry Authority Operation in the last quarter. We have launched our Hotel Watch Scheme and carried out training to all Pubs, Clubs and Hotels. We have even implemented two Taxi Marshall schemes in the area. The area has a very good Pub Watch scheme which meets regularly to address issues. We also have volunteer Street Angels who patrol the town at weekends.

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

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Neighbourhood officers

  • Inspector Louise Warbrick

    Inspector Louise Warbrick

  • Acting Sergeant Joseph Buckley

    Acting Sergeant Joseph Buckley

  • PC Kevin Horsley

    PC Kevin Horsley (Anti Social Behaviour Officer)

  • PC Angela Ferrucci

    PC Angela Ferrucci (Safeguarding Officer)

  • PC Tom Hughes-Parry

    PC Tom Hughes-Parry

  • PC Les Jones

    PC Les Jones

  • PC Robin Kinghorn

    PC Robin Kinghorn

  • PCSO Liz Davidson

    PCSO Liz Davidson

  • PCSO David Bullock

    PCSO David Bullock

  • PCSO Michelle Walker

    PCSO Michelle Walker

  • PCSO Lou Turner

    PCSO Lou Turner