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Local priorities - 'You said, We did'

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  • You said: Anti Social Behaviour and damage in Lily Hill Park

    You said that there had been an increase in damage been caused to wooden structures and walkways within Lily Hill Park causing hazads and concern to dog walkers and other park users.

    We did:
    The Neighbourhood Team regularly patrol on foot through the park, and are maintaining woking links with the council staff working in the park. Also liaising with park users in an effort to identify the offenders.

  • You said: Parking around Holly Spring School

    Inconsiderate parents are dropping off and picking up children from Holly Spring School and endangering lives by parking on school yellow lines. They were blocking the view of pedestrians and motorists. This has led to vehicles speeding round parked cars to ease traffic congestion.

    We did:
    So we heightened patrols outside the school working alongside civil enforcement officers and school staff. We attended year 5 and 6 classes to reinforce road safety awareness and for this to be passed onto their parents. We ran a three day parking safety initiative with year 5 pupils and teachers. Each day five pupils in high visibility jackets stood on the pavement spanning the length of the yellow lines. Each with a separate word sign they reiterated ‘DON’T’ ‘PARK’ ‘HERE’ ‘IT’S’ ‘DANGEROUS’. We received incredibly enthusiastic feedback from staff, pupils and parents over the three days and will be an initiative we are looking to repeat next term.

  • You said: Anti-Social Behaviour

    Anti-Social Behaviour, caused by the number, frequency and attitude of people attending an address in Lydbury, Bullbrook which you suspected to be drug related.

    We did:
    We conducted patrols identifying individuals and conducting stop searches when necessary and gained sufficient evidence to enable us to attend court and obtain a Closure Order that prevents anyone other than the tenant entering the address for the next three months. We have made regular visits to the address to ensure compliance with the court order and have arrested and charged an offender. The ASB appears to have abated and we are now working with the landlords of the property to determine if further action needs to be taken.

  • You said: Drug abuse and Anti-social behaviour in Harmanswater

    There was continuous drug abuse and anti-social behaviour at a particular property in Harmanswater

    We did:
    We increased our patrols in the area and visited the address on a regular basis. We worked with the housing association and had CCTV installed in communal areas. Eviction notices have now been served and the occupants will be vacating the property.

  • You said: Vehicles speeding along Opladan Way

    Vehicles were speeding along Opladan way during the start and finish times of Crown wood primary school.

    We did:
    As a result we have increased our patrols in the area during those times and will be carrying out speed checks in the area.

  • You said: Vans and large vehicles parking dangerously

    Vans and large vehicles were parking dangerously along the side of the road at Bruton Way, Forest Park causing a nuisance

    We did:
    We identified the owners of the vehicles and the businesses in charge of these vehicles. Advice was given in relation to the parking and as a solution the companies found a communal car park instead. The remaining vehicles have had notices on their vehicles warning them that they would receive a parking ticket from police if they continued to park there. This has resolved the issue.

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

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Neighbourhood officers

  • Inspector Dave Bryan

    Inspector Dave Bryan

  • Sergeant Sukhdeep Kanwar

    Sergeant Sukhdeep Kanwar

  • PC Catherine  Addis

    PC Catherine Addis (Crown Wood/Forest Park)

  • PC Criag Popham

    PC Criag Popham ((Bullbrook))

  • PC Julia Caskey

    PC Julia Caskey (Martins Heron/The Warren/Harmans Water)

  • PCSO Iain Gregory

    PCSO Iain Gregory (Bullbrook)

  • PCSO Matthew Wright

    PCSO Matthew Wright (Martins Heron/The Warren/Harmans Water)

  • PCSO Anthony Mellish

    PCSO Anthony Mellish (Crown Wood & Forest Park)