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Local priorities - 'You said, We did'

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  • You said: Anti-Social Behaviour in Cromwell Road and Bodin Gardens

    Loud noises late into the evenings, children kicking balls into gardens/running wild and localised drug dealing.

    We did:
    1.Through targeted high visibility patrol of the areas we were able to identify specific people who caused a large amount of the ASB 2.Anti-Social Behaviour contracts were issued to a number of the people identified through our patrols. 3.Partnerships working with agencies e.g Housing has resulted in the first stage of evictions for families who failed to adhere to the ASB contracts or tenancy warnings. 4.Where some ASB has progressed to criminal offences a number of arrests have been made

  • You said: Speeding

    There was an issue with speeding on the A339 between the Burger King round about and Newbury Retail Park.

    We did:
    1.Speed enforcement operations have been carried out covering the A339 which has resulted in a number of motorists being issued speeding fines and a number have been summoned to court for traffic offences. 2.‘Have Your Say’ public consultations have been carried out on the residents impacted by the speeding.

  • You said: Shoplifting

    An increase in shoplifting at Newbury Retail Park impacting on the business economy.

    We did:
    1.Identified high risk times where offences were most likely to occur High Visibility patrols in the area and into the stores themselves. 2.Crime prevention advice and suggestions have been discussed with all the businesses. They all have unique situations and resources presenting different challenges to the advice needed. 3.Regular shop safe meetings where information about current trends are discussed and repeat offenders are placed on the exclusion list. 4.Many suspects have been successfully arrested and prosecuted. At court we have applied for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders which include conditions not to enter the Retail Park or enter any of the premises.

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

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Neighbourhood officers

  • Inspector Warren  McKeown

    Inspector Warren McKeown

  • Sergeant Holly Nicholls

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  • PC Darryl Sowden

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