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Local priorities - 'You said, We did'

The following priorities have been identified by the community and the police:

  • You said: Speeding

    You said you were concerned about speeding in and around the Beaconsfield area

    We did:
    We did We have now set up a Community Speed Watch in the area and have about 5 volunteers. They have been trained by PCSO Dave Wenham and now go out independently to conduct speed enforcement. This is excellent news and coupled with speed enforcement that we also do should make Beaconsfield a slower place.

  • You said: Parking

    You said you were concerned about parking.

    We did:
    We understand that the issue of parking causes a lot of problems. We will continue to address what we are able to in terms of obstructions, dangerous parking and zig zag parking. I would ask anyone to report parking on single/double yellows, disabled bays or restricted parking to NSL on 01494 478826. I know the issue of the Film studio students and commuter’s parking on residential roads is a big problem, as is parking outside the schools in Wattleton Road. We need Highways to make a decision as to whether there is a need for traffic restrictions in these roads, and we continue to wait to see what happens. I assure you that we find this as frustrating as you and we would love to be able to solve it for you. If there are any cars you feel are really dangerous or causing an obstruction then please do let me know via email (preferably with a picture) and I’ll make an assessment of it. If it is dangerous or an obstruction then we certainly can take action against it. We have also had a number of abandoned vehicles recently. If you think a car is abandoned then please let us know. If you do not want to call the police then email me on

  • You said: Speeding

    You said you were concerned about speeding

    We did:
    • We have done further speed checks in and around the Beaconsfield area with the Thames Valley Police road safety officer. We have been promoting this through TWITTER, TV Alerts and various newsletters and hopefully you will have seen our updates. We have recently trained some community volunteers in using speed watch and now they are up and running, they will be targeting various roads in Beaconsfield and recording speed. This is an excellent scheme and shows how the community can give a bit of time in their neighbourhood to target issues and help reduce them. If anyone wishes to volunteer then please do let me know

These are being dealt with by your neighbourhood policing team in partnership with residents and other agencies. Progress will be reported in the Neighbourhood updates.

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